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President: Les Berg

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 "The music of life is everywhere, if you listen with your heart."


December 12 - A NEW VISION Michael Naranjo, blinded in the Vietnam War, is a sculptor, chiseling stone into graceful forms. We will see a video in which he declares that he doesn’t have time to be disabled, accepting his vision loss s a challenge and a gift. Moderator: Lorna McClellan

December 19 - SEASONS PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE Come and share one of your memories from a holiday or celebration from your past or present. Is there anything about this season that touches you or reminds you of your connectedness to others? We may sing a song or hear a poem or reading if you have one to share. Please come. Moderator: Penny Hendricks

December 26 - (No meeting at Mathews Cottage) AN EVENING HOLIDAY WITH THE HENDRICKS Please come together for a potluck dinner and celebrate the season together. Arrive at 5:00 p.m. and we will be eating dinner within the hour. After dessert we will play a gift exchange game with the wrapped "white elephants" that you bring. Please RSVP. We would like to know if you are coming and what kind of dish you will bring. The address is 2700 Gates Ave. in Redondo Beach.

January 2 - HAPPY NEW YEAR (No meeting at Mathews)

January 9 - SEEING FACES, NOT JUST PLACES Nancy Arnheim will show slides of a trip to Kenya, during which she stayed in Kenyan homes, went on safari, saw Victoria Falls and the OkaVanga Delta. She is a member of Friendship Force, a group dedicated to spreading peace in the world by getting to know people of other countries during exchange visits. Moderator: Beth Perkins





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 *****ATTENTION: For Openers and Refreshment persons: *****

OPENERS arrive at 10:30, unlock doors, cabinet, put out sign, start water, put on tablecloth, set up cups, coffee, etc. for the refreshments. Please light the fellowship candle.

REFRESHMENTS need to arrive by 10:45. Please arrange a trade if you cannot attend or clean up on the day assigned. When you bring refreshments, it is your turn to be responsible for the clean up of the entire refreshment table including the coffee water and supplies. If you need help, just ask. By the way, thank-you very much!!!

If you cannot bring refreshments on the date listed in the newsletter, you may call someone and trade with them for another date that is more convenient.

********************CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS*********************

December 20 - BOARD MEETING on Monday evening at 7:30 at the home of Les Berg. Everyone is welcome.

January 21 - BEACH CITIES SYMPHONY - Friday, 8:15 p.m. at El Camino College, in the Marsee Auditorium. at Redondo Beach Blvd., in Torrance.

January 29 - ANNUAL AUCTION to be held at the home of Lee and Claire Aukerman. Think about the auction and what new offering you can come up with to raise money for the fellowship.


******************COMMUNICATION CORNER*******************

Art Schwartz is in the VA Hospital in his area.

Art and Lilia’s address: 14507 127th Ave. N.E. Apt. I-62

Kirkland, WA 98034-1242

Please hold good thoughts for Art. He is Bea Schwartz’ brother and past member of SBUF.



From Les Berg- This year has flown by --soon the millennium—or at least Y2K.

Please remember the Fellowship with your holiday gift giving. All contributions are tax deductible (if you itemize). We must yet pay our fair share to the UUA and to PSWD for the 1999-2000 fiscal year so we need your help. Our direct expenses for each member are about $60 per year.

When the church moves their colorful bus, we will get quotes for a sign to go on the west wall of Mathews Cottage. That should happen in December.

A joyous holiday season and a happy new millennium to all!


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