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MEETINGS: 11:00 a.m. SUNDAYS at 2603 Mathews, Redondo Beach, CA                                                                                     

SBUF  Telephone Information:  (310) 374-1451        President:  Les Berg

Newsletter:  Penny Hendricks                                    Mailing:  Chuck Hendricks

December   2003


“Peace is not a season.  It is a way of life.”  (unknown)




December 7 - THE CANONS OF DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE.  Reverend Ernie Pipes (Minister Emeritus, previously with the UU Church of Santa Monica) will speak about the ethics of our economic policies and the moral issues of surrounding globalization.  Bob Johnson will moderate.


December 14 - HABITAT FOR HUMANITY.  Leroy Jones from the Los Angeles chapter of Habitat for Humanity will speak on the organization's story as well as local projects.  Over 100 safe and affordable houses have been built here in Los Angeles area.  Lenore Snodey and Peter Landecker recently helped build three Habitat for Humanity houses in Watts and will relate their experiences.  Peter Landecker will moderate this morning.


December 21 - CELEBRATING CHANUKAH.  We will light the Chanukah menorah and hear the Chanukah story as well as the traditions and histories of the menorah, the draydel, gift giving, and foods eaten at this time.  The first 20 people will get a draydel to take home with them!!!  Linda Klein will lead the celebration.


December 28 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS AT THE HENDRICKS’ HOME.  You are invited to a potluck party at the home of Penny and Chuck Hendricks.  Arrive at 2:00 p.m. for an early dinner and play a game of white elephant give and take.  See invitation for more details.  (No meeting at Mathews Cottage today.)


January 4 - UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS IN GUATEMALA.  Peter Landecker and Lenore Snodey were recently part of a small delegation sponsored by UUSC (the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) which traveled to Guatemala.  The purpose of the delegation, led by UUSC President Charlie Clements, was to officially monitor national elections as well as meet with UUSC human rights and improvement partners in Guatemala.  They will share experiences, stories, pictures as well as present a video they made in Guatemala City and Rabinal, the site of massacres in the early 1980's.  Peter will moderate. To view the order of service, click here. To check out a trip summary, click on


January 11 - BUILDING YOUR OWN THEOLOGY.  We begin again to delve into our personal philosophies to figure out who we are as individuals and Unitarian Universalists.  Books and homework are not required.  Everyone is invited to participate.



                                             VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE





Lorna Mc.

December 7

Lorna McClellan

Beth P.

     December 14

Dave Miller

Les B.

     December 21

Linda Klein


     December 28


Lorna Mc.

     January 4

Beth Perkins

Beth P.

     January 11

Dick Radl

Les B.

     January 18

Carol Simpson

Miles T.

     January 25

Miles Thompson




     *****ATTENTION: For Openers and Refreshment persons:  *****

OPENERS arrive at 10:30 a.m., unlock doors, cabinet, put out sign, start water, put on tablecloth, set up cups, coffee, etc. for the refreshments.  Please display the fellowship candle on the circular table.

REFRESHMENTS need to arrive by 11:00 a.m.  Please arrange a trade if you cannot attend or clean up on the day assigned.  When you bring refreshments, it is your turn to be responsible for the clean up of the entire refreshment table including the coffee water and supplies.  If you need help, just ask.  By the way, thank-you very much!!! 

   If you cannot bring refreshments on the date listed in the newsletter, you may call someone and trade with them for another date that will be more convenient for you.


**************CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS****************


December 14 - SBUF BOARD MEETING at Mathews Cottage after fellowship at approximately 12:30 p.m.


December 28 - HOLIDAY HAPPENING at the Hendricks home.  Come at 2:00 p.m.  Bring a pot to share, and a no longer wanted item for your white elephant gift.  Please bring the gift wrapped and anonymous.  For more details, read the invitation and then RSVP to Penny.


***************COMMUNICATION CORNER***********************


          My thanks and best wishes go out to the members and friends of the Fellowship at this holiday time.  So many of you have worked hard to make our Fellowship a success this year.  Your hard work has resulted in real progress for the Fellowship.  I am impressed with the quality of our programs:  The timely subjects, the quality of the presentations, the music, the order of service and the reliability of the topics listed in the newsletter have all greatly benefited from your efforts.  Thank you one and all!

          Further, many of you have made larger contributions than in the past, permitting us to pay our 2003 dues to PSWD and to the UUA in the first half of the fiscal year.  Others may not have contributed as much as they could.  Now is the time to make those last minute contributions to the Fellowship to be eligible for a big tax deduction for the year 2003.  Where else can you get the benefits of our special close community for so little?

                                        From your President, Les Berg




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