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January 2009  Newsletter

“God builds his temple in the heart on the ruins of churches and religions.”------Ralph Waldo Emerson,  The Conduct of Life (1860)

                                         SUNDAY PROGRAMS

January 4 -  WHAT DOES THE FUTURE BRING?  The economic and political events of the past several months have had a major effect on all of us.  Regardless of where we stand on the various issues, our interest is captured.  What kind of solution is possible?  How do you feel about the  year  ahead?  This will be your discussion.  Penny will moderate.


January 11 - DARWIN VERSUS WORLD HUMAN POPULATION   Peter Landecker will introduce a controversial idea that the world has many significant environmental and hunger problems in part due to enormous human population level influenced by humanitarian groups and governments which provide welfare, medical and food assistance.  Click here for some reading material about this program. Peter will moderate.


January 18 - A SPECIAL VISIT TO PACIFIC UNITARIAN CHURCH (no meeting at Mathews cottage)    For the 11:00 AM Service: Special Guest Speaker, Charlie Clements, CEO of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee presents:  “Fleecy Locks and Black Complexion” -- These are words from a famous 1788 anti-slavery poem, but they found their way into Martin Luther King, Jr's first civil rights speech. That address to the Montgomery Improvement Association on December 5th, 1955 was unscripted, but we have it due to a recording by a local radio station. Charlie Clements, UUSC's President and CEO, will reflect upon that speech and its relevance to the election and inauguration of Barack Obama.  Click here if you want to see a video of Charlie talking in California on January 17 about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on its 60th anniversary. More information about this program is available for the January 18 entry if you click here. If you need information or directions, please call Peter Landecker or Lenore Snodey or click here


January 25 - STRUGGLING FOR SOCIAL PROGRESS  FROM KING TO OBAMA   Minister Emeritus Ernie Pipes returns with a presentation that touches on the remarkable changes in American society that have undermined racism.  A sub-title for the sermon is:  REFLECTIONS FROM VETERANS OF THE LONG MARCH.  Les Berg will moderate.


February 1 - WHAT’S AHEAD    What's ahead with the new administration?  A discussion of what we hope Barack Obama will accomplish and what it will mean for the United States.   John Simpson will moderate.


UPCOMING PROGRAMS:  February 22 will be a presentation by Rev. John Morehouse who is currently minister at Pacific Unitarian Church in Palos Verdes.


                                                VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE






John S.

 January 4

Bob Johnson


Beth P.

Bob J.

 January 11

Eric LaScala


John S.


 January 18




Miles T.

 January 25

Linda Klein


Penny H.

John S.

 February 1

Peter Landecker


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Bob J.

 February 8

Beth Perkins


John S.


 February 15

John Simpson


Thom K.

       *****ATTENTION: For Openers and Refreshment persons:  ***** 

OPENERS arrive at 10:30 a.m., unlock doors, cabinet, put out sign, start water, put on tablecloth, set up cups, coffee, etc. for the refreshments.  Please display the fellowship candle on the circular table.

REFRESHMENTS need to arrive by 11:00 a.m.  Please arrange a trade if you cannot attend or clean up on the day assigned.  When you bring refreshments, it is your turn to be responsible for the clean up of the entire refreshment table including the coffee water and supplies.  If you need help, just ask.  By the way, thank you very much!!! 


***************CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS*************


January 11 - The SBUF Board will meet at 12:30 p.m. after fellowship at Mathews Cottage.  


January 18 - Unitarian Universalist Service Committee  President Charlie Clements will be giving sermons at Pacific Unitarian Church on this Sunday. See above. SBUF will have a combined service with PUC this Sunday. Click here if you want to see a video of Charlie talking in California on January 17 about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on its 60th anniversary.


January 23 - The Beach Cities Symphony Orchestra will be giving a free concert at Marsee Auditorium, El Camino College starting at 8:15 p.m. (with a free pre-concert lecture given at 7:30 p.m.). See the website or contact Peter for more details.


February 15 - The SBUF Board will meet at 12:30 p.m. after fellowship at Mathews Cottage.  

   ***************Communications Corner***************************

From Peter Landecker:

         According to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) Annual Report, SBUF is a Beacon of Justice Banner Society with 75 to 99 percent of our members as UUSC members. SBUF also received the James Luther Adams Award due to our line item budget allocation to UUSC. In my opinion, we are to be commended for our support of this very worthwhile organization. See  for more information about these awards.  (Thanks, Peter.)



How do I become a member of the South Bay Unitarian Fellowship??  Membership is open to all persons 15 years of age or older who sign a membership card expressing agreement with the purpose of the Fellowship.  Members become eligible to vote and hold office three months after signing membership cards.  Members are expected to participate in SBUF activities and to provide a helping hand and financial support when needed.  


SBUF PROGRAMS   If there is a particular topic you would like to see presented on a Sunday morning, or an organization you want to know more about, or a good book you would like to share, or any other ideas for Sunday morning programs, please call Penny Hendricks. Your input is valuable!  Thank you for your help.

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