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February 2012  Newsletter

"Life without idealism is empty indeed.  We just have hope or starve to death.”

                                                                                                                      Pearl Buck

                                         SUNDAY PROGRAMS    

February 5 - PROTECTING CONSUMER'S RIGHTS -- The nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest group Consumer Watchdog has efforts underway to protect online privacy and bring health insurance rates under the purview of California's Commissioner of Insurance.  John Simpson started working for the group after responding to an ad labeled, "Hell-raisers wanted" that Carol found on the Internet. He'll talk about some of the group's history, key efforts and also bring petitions for you to sign that will qualify a ballot initiative to regulate Health Insurance rates.  John will moderate. 

February 12 - THIS IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH   Have you had an experience that caused you to think about your personal  beliefs with regard to race, racism, acceptance of others, or related subject?  What was the major influence in your life that helped determine what you think?  Penny Hendricks will lead this program. 

February 19 - MEDITATING FOR MINDFULNESS   Meditation is an inward journey to self-discovery, self acceptance. and self-compassion.  Barbara Reinhart will guide us through active participation in several meditative methods in order that we may find out where we are beyond assumptions and expectations.  Barbara has been a lifelong teacher, a sensitive workshop leader, and caring psychotherapist. 

February 26 - SHARING PROSE AND POETRY  Bring a favorite poem or book and talk about how you were affected by it or why it became important to you.    

March 4 - Reverend Jon Dobrer, currently minister of the Fullerton Unitarian Church will speak.  Jon has taught Islam, its origins and beliefs, both at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and as Professor at the University of Judaism.  He writes a syndicated column called “Out of My Mind.” Dobrer was selected by the Los Angeles Times as one of the ten most compelling speakers in Southern California.  This no doubt is owed to having worked his way through USC as a stand up comedian.  Please come. 

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John S.

February 5

Nola Frame Gray

John S.

Bob J.

February 12

Les Berg

Penny H.

Lorna Mc.


Penny Hendricks

Penny H.

Lorna Mc.

February 26

John Simpson

Claire A.

John S.

March 4

Chuck Hendricks

John S.

Bob J.

 March 11

Claire Aukerman

Penny H.

Lorna Mc.

 March 18

 Peter Landecker

Penny H.

       *****Attention: For Openers and Refreshment persons:  ***** 

Openers arrive at 10:30 a.m., unlock doors, cabinet, put out sign, start water, put on tablecloths, make the coffee, start the water, set-up cups, etc. for the refreshments.  Please display the fellowship candle on the circular table. Place the Guest Book, name tags, and offering basket on the long table. 

Refreshments need to arrive by 11:00 a.m.  Please arrange a trade if you cannot attend or clean up on the day assigned.  When you bring refreshments, it is your turn to be responsible for the clean up of the entire refreshment table including the coffee water and supplies.  If you need help, just ask.  By the way, thank you very much!


***************CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS*************


March 23Beach Cities Symphony free concert at Marsee Auditorium, El Camino College, lecture at 7:30 p.m. and concert at 8:15 p.m. See Peter or for more information. A Mozart Overture, the Elgar Cello Concerto and Beethoven's Symphony #8 are featured.

March 25 – The Concert Singers present at 4 p.m.   “Poetry in Music/Music and Poetry in Harmony” At Westchester United Methodist Church, 8065 Emerson Avenue , L.A. The art of the word meets the art of song.

. ***************Communications Corner**************************

How do I become a member of the South Bay Unitarian Fellowship?  Membership is open to all persons 15 years of age or older who sign a membership card expressing agreement with the purpose of the Fellowship.  Members become eligible to vote and hold office three months after signing membership cards.  Members are expected to participate in SBUF activities and to provide a helping hand and financial support when needed.  


SBUF Programs   If there is a particular topic you would like to see presented on a Sunday morning, or an organization you want to know more about, or a good book you would like to share, or any other ideas for Sunday morning programs, please call Penny Hendricks. Your input is valuable!  Thank you for your help.


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